Tomosynthesis with Generated 2D Images

Hologic Tomosynthesis: Improved Clinical Outcomes



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Tomosynthesis Reconstructed Slices and Generated 2D Images

  1. Less patient dose through fewer x-ray exposures
  2. Greater patient comfort via fast, 4 second scan time
  3. Heightened detail retained from tomosynthesis images
  4. Superior performance compared to traditional 2D alone




  1. Perform a standard  tomosynthesis scan



  1. Perform a standard  tomosynthesis scan
  2. Reconstruct  tomosynthesis slices




  1. Perform a standard tomosynthesis scan
  2. Reconstruct tomosynthesis slices
  3. Synthesize 2D image
  4. Available in any tomosynthesis view

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Tags: Breast Biopsy

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