TME Founder Pat Whitworth on RadioMD

TME Founder Pat Whitworth on RadioMD

Breast Conservation Surgery - listen   here

Melanie Cole's Health Radio:

"Breast conservation surgery is also known as lumpectomy. For a lumpectomy, the affected breast tissue is removed along with a small portion of healthy tissue surrounding the lump.

The survival rate for breast cancer patients is the same for lumpectomy as for mastectomy (complete breast removal).

A common technique for breast conservation involves inserting a wire in the breast to indicate the target for surgery. This can be very unsettling for the patient as she heads to the operating room.

SAVI Scout involves putting a marker in the center of the targeted tissue. This marker is located via radar. It makes it much easier to find and remove the lump. It's like finding a coin with a metal detector.

Listen in as Dr. Pat Whitworth discusses breast conservation surgery."


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