Halsted Radical Mastectomy

Halsted Radical Mastectomy: 1907-1925 (first important advance)

  • Local control ≈ 75%
  • “Cure” as high as 50%
  • “We clean out or strip the supraclavicular fossa with very few exceptions”








NSABP B-04  1971-81

Radical Mastectomy vs Mastectomy without ALND

Radical Mastectomy (n=362)

Total Mastectomy Alone (n=365)

Total Mastectomy + XRT (n=352)

Axillary Nodes + 40%

(Axillary Nodes + 40% - Not removed)

(Axillary Nodes + 40% - Ax XRT)


Overall & disease-free survival: No Difference

Axillary Failure in 1.4%

Delayed Axillary Dissection in 18%

Delayed Axillary Dissection in 3%



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Tags: Axillary Management

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