Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)



n  60,000 new cases US 2010


n  25% of Breast Cancer Practice


n  Recurrence associated with


n  younger age


n  higher grade


n  larger tumors


n  close or positive margins






DCIS Trends - ASCO - 2012
Lumpectomy + Radiation 1996-2007




n  34,233 women with DCIS, SEER Database


n  77% - Partial Mastectomy (“Lumpectomy”)


n  34% of PM patients had No Radiation


n  66% - Radiation with Partial Mastectomy


n  RT began at 55%, Increased to 70%


n  No association with Survival:


n  Mastectomy vs Partial Mastectomy +/- RT







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Tags: Tumor Genomics

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