Breast Cancer Risk Models

       Gail Model - developed in 1989

       Major predictors

       Age of menarche

       # breast biopsies +/- atypia

       Age at first live birth

       # 1st degree relatives with breast cancer

       Information not considered:

       Age at onset of relative’s breast cancer

       Bilaterality in relatives

       2nd degree relatives

       FH Ovarian Ca


Claus Model

       1st and/or 2nd degree relatives

       When compared to Gail model, Claus estimates are generally slightly lower than Gail estimates

Tyrer-Cuzick Model

       Three main components

       Individual risk factors

      Age at menarche, 1st live birth, menopause, parity,

                Bx with hyperplasia/ADH/LCIS; Height/Weight, etc.

       Family history - extensive

      Breast/ovarian Ca - age of onset in 1st & 2nd degree relatives; bil breast cancer, Ashkenazi ancestry

       BRCA1/2 Gene mutation probability



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