TME Research Purpose

TME designs, executes and optimizes accrual in post-market impact and outcomes studies.

These projects include Diagnostics and Therapeutics Registries, as well as Retrospective, Prospective and Neo-adjuvant Discovery Studies.

These efforts collect real world experience and data that support appropriate adoption of emerging technologies, growth of existing technologies and best practices, as well as discovery.

Each of the TME principals have considerable experience with industry sponsored Registries including:

  • MammoSite Radiation Therapy System (RTS) Patient Registry
  • Agendia Neoadjuvant Breast Registry - Symphony Trial (NBRST)
  • Pivotal Trial for Margin Assessment
  • Sanarus Fibroadenoma Cryoablation Trial
  • SAVI Collaborative Research Group Breast Brachytherapy Registry
  • Elekta NMSC Skin Brachytherapy Trial
  • Electronic Xoft Intersociety Brachytherapy Trial: Electronic Brachytherapy (EBT) for Treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer (EXIBT).

In addition, the TME team has ongoing experience with numerous studies funded by the National Cancer Institute.


TME Research Services

Concept, Needs assessment and Strategy:

Identify the value of a registry or study to current scientific and commercial strategy. 


Protocol Development:  

Develop and write protocol and other essential documents based on requirements, including critical scientific, product utilization and other areas of interest.

Investigator Recruitment:

"Plug and play" PI's and recruitment of additional quality PI's. 

Scientific Advisory Board:

Recruit and establish a scientific advisory board or augment efforts of existing scientific advisory boards. 

Data analysis/presentation:

Via data oversight, TME looks for publication opportunities and encourages publication by participants in the Registry. 

Registry Execution:

Including IRB submissions, alliances with health information technology partners for electronic data capture and robust outcomes, data monitoring and analysis, training and implementation support.


 TME Research Difference
  • Extensive strategic experience in identifying value of research projects in achieving scientific and commercialization needs
  • Focus on implementation with busy practicing physicians at the community level where adoption of technology and growth most often occurs
  • Ready access to productive investigators and advisors for timely turnaround and output
  • Full service including strategy, design, implementation leading to presentation/publication
  • Cross specialty expertise
  • Experienced research infrastructure with proven track record