What is TME?

TME is a network of clinicians, researchers, educators and companies whose core mission is to improve the quality and access to advanced targeted cancer care by fostering high-quality & comprehensive educational resources and research by combining "State-of-the-Art" with "State-of-the-Science". Our specialty is breast cancer from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, to survivorship.


What is different about TME?

We are high-end, high-touch, disruptive, fun and effective.  Both education and research are intertwined at TME.


How do I attend TME events?

Participation is by invitation only.  Availability is limited for our events and fill up quickly. Please contact us to learn more about attending one of our events.


What is the main TME goal?

We are joining with other leading breast cancer doctors to cut through the avalanche of "new developments" in breast cancer, eliminating the spurious and identifying genuine advances. In addition we are preparing for big changes ahead including advances in genetics and personalized medicine. We believe most doctors make changes in practice with difficulty and usually only after extensive informal discussions with trusted colleagues. Our near term goal is to intentionally host that kind of exchange so we all make progress together with the confidence that setting can build.


Who runs TME and why?

TME is run by a group of well-known physicians with the same purpose: to dedicate their expertise, time and resources along with other specialists to advance the treatment and care for cancer patients. By collaborating our efforts and gathering resources through knowledge, TME continues to push forward in the areas of cancer treatment and care. For more information about the TME principals, visit the Founders section.


What is TME Research?

TME Research is an extension of the TME mission to improve quality and access to emerging technologies and best practices in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

Via partnerships with other community based practitioners and experienced researchers, we design, execute, and drive enrollment in Registries that collect the real world experience and data that support the adoption of emerging technologies.

TME Research registries provide an opportunity for research partnerships with industry. Visit the TME Research page to learn more.


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