Our Mission

TME and Breast Care Network are a group of community-leading breast cancer doctors whose goal is to cut through the avalanche of "new developments" in breast cancer, eliminating the spurious, and implementing genuine advances. In addition we are preparing for big changes ahead including the expansion of multi-gene panel testing and precision medicine driven by genomic and molecular testing. We believe most doctors make changes in practice with difficulty and usually only after extensive discussions with trusted colleagues. Our fall Key Opinion Leaders Roundtable Summit intentionally hosts direct peer exchange among community leaders so we all make progress together, with the confidence that setting can build. is continually updated to reflect these advances. 

We are growing the Breast Care Network to replicate and promulgate this format as an efficient way for leading breast care doctors (including ourselves) to keep up with meaningful developments, avoid blind alleys, and bring genuine progress to their communities.

We believe this approach is enjoyable for the participating KOLs. Moreover this KOL-targeted approach provides a very efficient way for innovative researchers and medical companies to work with leaders in the medical community. Medical progress happens most efficiently when doctors and industry innovators communicate openly, eliminate conflicts and develop better solutions.